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Real-time data gathering and process analysis tools specifically focused on complex hospital environments where business growth is reliant on improving efficiencies.


Utilizing cost efficient technology,

Pennant is able to offer:

Patient Journey Tracking
Facility Process Flow Analytics
Key Operational Visuals
Theatre Management Efficiencies
Historical Data and Benchmarking
Optimising Hospital Utilisation

Who is Pennant

Pennant is an IoT company that specialises in Patient and Asset tracking in Hospital environments. With real-time location technology and data analytics, we are able to build specific dashboards to better manage patient flow and asset utilization. The individualised Key Performance Indicators for each hospital and each level of management allows immediate optimization of efficiencies in, for example the theatre complex. Visualization of processes on an easy manageable dashboard provide real-time opportunities to improve outcomes such as utilization, on-time start times, and Length of Stay. Strategic planning around resource allocation and asset usage is backed by reliable data collection and intelligent forecast modelling.


We see an optimised hospital environment where transparent synergy and efficient resource utilisation creates enhanced healthcare value.


Introducing real time solutions through patient flow analytics with the application of IOT data science.

Meet The Team

Where medicine and engineering meet... along with a healthy dose of IT

Jan Swanepoel

Jan Swanepoel

Jan completed his M.B.Ch.B. MMed (Anaes) with further post-graduate qualifications in Financial Management and LEAN Process Engineering. He is currently a specialist Healthcare Practitioner with key interests in management, focusing on system and resource management in the Healthcare industry.

Jan-Adrian Craggs

Jan-Adrian Craggs

Jan-Adrian completed his BEng Industrial Engineering degree followed by LEAN Process Engineering certification. He is currently working in a Project Management field focusing  on supply chain and logistic improvement projects. Key interests lies in the combination of Lean Healthcare and Engineering with IoT and Big Data tools for efficiency improvements.

Pieter Conradie

Pieter Conradie

Pieter finished his BEng in Mechanical Engineering followed by a PhD in Industrial Engineering with a focus on cost modelling and efficiency improvements. He is currently working on process and system improvement strategies with a key interest in Data Science Management and Healthcare efficiency improvements.   

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