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Real-time data gathering and process analysis tools specifically focused on complex hospital environments where business growth is reliant on improving efficiencies.


Utilizing cost efficient technology,

Pennant is able to offer:

Patient Journey Tracking
Facility Process Flow Analytics
Key Operational Visuals
Theatre Management Efficiencies
Historical Data and Benchmarking
Optimising Hospital Utilisation

Who is Pennant

Pennant is a pioneering healthcare process and data company, seamlessly integrating into hospital infrastructures to master Patient and Asset tracking. Utilizing real-time location technology and sophisticated data analytics, our platform, Sense, redefines patient flow and asset optimization. We offer transparency into nuanced hospital operations and processes, driving immediate efficiencies, notably within the theatre and bed utilization environments. Through our platform, hospital providers and executives receive real-time, actionable insights, ensuring peak utilization, prompt care, and optimized Length of Stay and On-Time Start-Time metrics. Our strategic approach, underpinned by an autonomous data collection process and a continuous predictive modelling engine, positions Pennant as the gold standard for modern hospital management.


Our vision is to pioneer a hospital environment where Value Healthcare seamlessly aligns with cutting-edge data benchmarks, fostering operational excellence, unparalleled patient care and access to healthcare.

Learn more about what we do and why we do it, in this interview with co-founder of Pennant Consult, Jan Swanepoel.


Jan sits down with Andrew Bosma of the Insights Overflow Podcast, to talk about about leveraging data intelligence to not only enhance the patient experience in hospitals but also optimise the allocation of medical personnel.

Jan Swanepoel

Jan Swanepoel

Jan completed his M.B.Ch.B. MMed (Anaes) with further post-graduate qualifications in Financial Management and LEAN Process Engineering. He is currently a specialist Healthcare Practitioner with key interests in management, focusing on system and resource management in the Healthcare industry.

Meet The Team

Where medicine and engineering meet... along with a healthy dose of IT

Jan-Adrian Craggs

Jan-Adrian Craggs

Jan-Adrian completed his BEng Industrial Engineering degree followed by LEAN Process Engineering certification. He is currently working in a Project Management field focusing  on supply chain and logistic improvement projects. Key interests lies in the combination of Lean Healthcare and Engineering with IoT and Big Data tools for efficiency improvements.

Pieter Conradie

Pieter Conradie

Pieter finished his BEng in Mechanical Engineering followed by a PhD in Industrial Engineering with a focus on cost modelling and efficiency improvements. He is currently working on process and system improvement strategies with a key interest in Data Science Management and Healthcare efficiency improvements.   


Waldo Boshoff

Waldo earned his BEng in Industrial Engineering and went on to attain an Honors degree, emphasizing solution algorithms. In 2014, he established a business dedicated to cloud-based solution optimization. After nurturing and expanding the business for several years, Waldo successfully sold it in 2022. Currently, he serves as the technology lead for Sense, Pennant's suite of hospital management and optimization tools.


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